I pick up materials that have been thrown away in the area near my studio and home. I sort them, explore their potential and build with them. In the process I destabilize my dysfunctional relationship to purchased and mass produced goods as a consumer. I develop and apply my beliefs about material and human value in my studio as I work with my sliver of an abundant medium:

Everything has value. Hiding things or labeling things as worthless does not take them out of existence. Newness is only an aesthetic characteristic. The existence in real life conditions does not devalue things from their state when emerging from a controlled production process. Things made in a controlled environment are not purer iterations of themselves (as units of perceivably similar multiples) than things that have become distinguishable from their multiples through receiving wear. Parts of objects can be separated and used for their qualities despite the object which they had comprised having broken. Broken objects can be used for new purposes. Adaptation can be exploratory, liberating and graceful. When objects are not disposed of they can be adapted and take on these qualities.