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Loved Onesfound materials, wood, paint, unfiltered beeswax, motors and lighting equipment

Loved Onesfound materials, wood, paint, unfiltered beeswax, motors and lighting equipment

Peace Monumentfound objects, paint

This figure has changed over a few years. It was a tied self portrait, an agnostic, a vessel and a peace vessel. It has lost its head and gained a new one repeatedly

Kielce Cemetery Toyfound objects

The Kielce Cemetery Toy was Fernandes-Halloran's addition to the Nomada project, in Kielce, Poland. Working alongside artists such as Rafal Zwirek, Pawel Althamer and Artur Zmijewski, Fernandes-Halloran found his own approach to making work for the visitors of Kielce's Jewish Cemetery. The toy is primarily for children and requires one to enter the cemetery to operate.

God Bless Americafound materials, paint, skin, glue and wax

An installation with works from Pawel Althamer, Youssouf Dara, Roman Stanczak and Rafal Zwirek. These peices were made as individual works by individual artists to be put together as a collective. Here installed at the Foksal Foundation Gallery.

Zakopane SnowmanSnow

Brian made this snowman with Pawel Althamer while hiking in the mountains of Zakopane. They did not plan on making a snowman but had begun rolling up the snow while searching for mushrooms.

Two Men who used to eat together now hugfound objects, wax

The men were made in Berlin through an attempt to recreat a memory of two men eating currywurst. They changed many times, changed positions gradually until they had to have their bodies entirely remade as only their heads and hands could be transported to the US. Their new bodies made from found objects were made to embrance. THey could be reconfigured again.

Ride to Cabo Del Gadofound objects, corn stalks and wax

Ride to Cabo Delgado is a full scale recreation of a memory from a truck ride in Mozambique. In the process of finding the objects to produce the trucks and the formation of the piece, Fernandes-Halloran changed his memory.

Between Neighborslarge metal roll gate, steel frame and paint

The exhibtion, Between Neighbors, took place in a pop up venue in Fernandes-Halloran's neighborhood, Lefferts Gardens, Brooklyn. The exhibition was a reflection on social devision and an active space for people to communicate by making together. By the end of the month long exhibtion, the space had transformed into a meeting place, art studio and community center.

Norfolk Shopping Centerprinted digital photograph

This series was captured from a small hand-camera in a shoppingcenter in Connecticut. While the environments are inhospitable and visually harsh, the people show warmth to eachother and reveal a prevailing vulnerablility.