• KDC installation

    Recent works installed at the Knockdown Center

  • Wooster, Jeeves and judge

    A Collaboration with Jay Hudson in Tompkins Square Park

  • Adeodatus

    A gift from god, a child of sin.

  • Zakopane snowman

    A collaboration with Pawel Althamer.

    • Ajata

      non creation

    • Pantata Apiary

      A collaboration with Rafal Zwirek and Aga Schroeder.

  • Brilliant Disguise

    A childhood memory of my mother dancing.(Work in Progress)


  • Memories of Lost Friends

    An interactive piece containing the participants personal memories


    Assemblages recreating and changing memories.

  • Una Noche en el Molino

    A collaboration to recreate an Oaxacan chef's memory.

  • ReCollect

    A collaborative project that employs one individual's cherished memory as its primary medium.

  • Gentrification of the Mind

    A performance and assemblage piece based on writings by Sarah Schulman.


  • Lost Friends

    An assemblage that invites participants to write letters to lost friends.

  • HB LAB, Berlin

    A three month period of exploration, discovery and collaboration.


  • Between Neighbors

    A site specific pop up show about perception and communication across cultural boundaries.

  • Patrons and Artist

    A performance and painting exhibition criticizing the isolation and subordination of young artists in the New York art world.


  • Where I live

    Paintings playfully recounting moments from a bizarre contemporary American existence.


  • Connecticut Strip Mall

    An empathetic view of a strip mall in rural America.

  • Boston University

    A painting series parodying the typical American college experience.